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Episode 3

Hi, everyone. Download the podcast here. As always, feel free to mention artists or songs I should consider, or any comments you have! I'm always open to suggestions.

For the record, you do not need an ipod to listen. The podcast is in mp3 format and you can listen to it on any program that will play mp3s.

Meh, ep3 isn't my best, but the songs are still good even if I'm kind of spazzy.

Tracks for Sunday, May 28

  • Matt Caplan - Europe

  • Lyrics unavailable, Matt's website here, MySpace here.
    Matt's from New York, and, although he occasionally tours with Joshua Kobak, both of his albums are solo. Matt's released two self-produced albums. His first is no longer in production, but his second, Overtones, can be bought from CDbaby or Attitude Media. And, at CDbaby, that cd has more than 100 reviews--and I saw one that was four stars instead of five as all the rest were.

    Matt is working on a third CD with a full band, so keep your eyes open for that.

  • Damien Jurado - Abilene

  • Lyrics here, website here.

    Damien has released 7 albums with a variety of labels, with the first one out in 1997. As of now, however, he's primarily working with Secretly Canadian (Antony And The Johnsons, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness). You can buy his stuff off iTunes, Amazon, or on his (flash) site.

  • The Brown Derbies - Romeo And Juliet

  • Lyrics here, website here.

    This song was originally by Dire Straits, but Indigo Girls have also put out a version that I like quite a lot. The Brown Derbies have been the a capella group at Brown since 1982, and have released nine albums, with the first one out in 1986. You can buy the albums on their MySpace.

  • Sondre Lerche - Don't Be Shallow

  • Lyrics here, wesbite here.

    Sondre Lerche is a solo artist, but he records and tours with a backing band. He shifts from poppy to jazzy to bluesy, with everything being very eclectic, no matter what umbrella genre it is. He has two full length albums out, and another on the way, as well as an eight-song EP. He was signed by Astral Werks (Placebo, Badly Drawn Boy, Röyksopp).

I downloaded


Not everything, but

The podcast itself
Girlyman - Speechless
Matt Caplan - Europe
The Brown Derbies - Romeo And Juliet
Damien Jurado - Abilene
Sondre Lerche - Don't Be Shallow
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