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Hi, everyone. As you might have noticed, I kind of got off kilter with my schedule. And, I'm leaving for about ten days for New Orleans. So, what I'm going to do is this: I'm going to upload a few tracks for a sample, and then do a large double-episode-y thing when I get back. Sound ok?

Taster tracks can all be downloaded here

Andrew Bird - Tables And Chairs
A delicate little one-man indie song with interesting lyrics and nice smooth vocals

Andy Stochansky - Stutter
A kind of bitter angsty song (She doesn't care/breathe the same air/I don't have a hope in hell) with touches of seventies rock laced through solid singer/songwriter material

Ani DiFranco - As Is
I compare people to Ani enough, I thought it was time to play some of her stuff. This song showcases her great lyrics and her sense of story telling and character description, although is much less depressed and/or angry than some of her other music

Augustana - Boston
This song has a really pretty piano intro, and is indie and cute and <3

Belle And Sebastian - Get Me Away From Here (I'm Dying)
A light tenor voice and very unusual lyrics are the characteristics of this lovely song.

Beth Orton - Ooh Child
Old school songstress. Lots and lots of soul in this one.

Cake - Sheep Go To Heaven
A funny, lively song with a catchy beat and unusual instrumentation.

Carla Bruni - Le Plus Beau de Cartier
French, airy, and very pretty, but not without character and feeling.

Copeland - Brightest
Indie boy with piano and sweet, if unique, lyrics (and she said I was the brightest/ little firefly/in her jar)

David Berkeley - Jefferson
This song starts oddly--I don't really like the first twenty seconds at all--but the rest is oh. David Berkeley sings with such feeling. He really believes the lyrics he writes. And his voice is lovely.

And now, is not very well known, but there are some cool, cool things you can do with it. To hear an individual track without downloading, click the options triangle to the right of the track name, and hit play. To download the individual track, do the same thing, but hit download. To hear all the tracks, in the order they're listed on the page, click the triangle next to the orange PenniPod above all of the tracks, on the left, and click play music. To download all of the tracks as a zip, go to the same place and click zip folder.

(If you like box and want an account,
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