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And the first episode is up!

Hi, and welcome to PenniPod! Download the podcast here, or off of iTunes as soon as I, ahem, figure out how to get it on to iTunes. Also, feel free to mention artists or songs I should consider, or any comments you have! I'm always open to suggestions.

For the record, you do not need an ipod to listen. The podcast is in mp3 format and you can listen to it on any program that will play mp3s.

Tracks for Saturday, May 13

  • The Lucksmiths - Guess How Much I Love You

  • Lyrics here, band website here.
    The Lucksmiths are with Candle Records. They have 9 albums out, the first on released in 1993, and the most recent in 2005. The band's line up is, according to Candle:

    Mark Monnone - bass and good vibes
    Marty Donald - guitar and sweet tunes
    Tali White - vocals and dress sense

    You can buy their album at the band's site, the label's site, or Amazon or iTunes.

  • The Tea Party - Oceans

  • Lyrics here, band website here.
    You can buy their albums off the band's site, or Amazon or iTunes. The Tea Party has released 9 CDs, from 1991 to 2004. Oceans is off their last cd, Seven Circles. The band is:

    * Jeff Martin -- Lead vocals, guitars, dulcimer, sitar, other ethnic instruments.
    * Stuart Chatwood -- Bass guitar, keyboards, mandolin, sequencing.
    * Jeff Burrows -- Drums and percussion

    Martin left the band in 2005 to some wankery; Chatwood and Burrows said they were not told he was embarking on a solo career and leaving the band until after he told the press.

  • Ben Kweller - Lizzy

  • Lyrics here, Ben's website here
    You can buy his albums at his site, which is flash so I can't directly link to it, or off Amazon or iTunes. Ben Kweller has released 3 albums. His first (Freak Out...It's Ben Kweller) was self-produced and self-released; his next two were signed by ATO records, Dave Matthew's label.

  • Oh No! Oh My! - Lisa, Make Love! (It's OK!)

  • Oh No! Oh My! doesn't have lyrics up, but their myspace is here. They have one album out, and you can buy it here. The band is:

    Greg Barkley -
    Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Banjos, Accordions, Rhodes, Wurlitzers, Keys, Hand Claps, Percussion

    Daniel Hoxmeier -
    Guitars, Banjos, Accordions, Keys, Wurlitzers, Tambourines, Hand Claps, Percussion, Sampling, Programming

    Joel Calvin -
    Drums, Keys, Hand Claps, Tambourines, Bells, Shakers, and other Various Objects of a Percussive Nature

Links mentioned:

  • Band websites linked above

  • 3hive

  • A high quality mp3 blog featuring the best of new indie music

  • You Ain't No Picasso

  • Featuring interviews and reviews of up and coming new artists

  • Two Way Monologues

  • Yet another reviews and interviews site. Two Way Monologue also has a feature called Track-Fu where one of their mods listens to 30 minutes worth of tracks for the first time, reviews them, and chooses a favorite and least favorite.

  • Harmonium

  • Detailed reviews of new releases

  • Paste Magazine

  • This is an awesome magazine that comes with a cd of some of the artists it features! Every issue includes a mix tape, how cool is that?

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